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Future Plans

The Kanakadhara Mahalakshmi temple, having a historically important background is seeing a steady increase in devotees visiting the temple, especially during festivals and special occasions. As the crowd grows, the temple needs to take care of the needs of the pilgrims. The trust therefore is planning to build accommodation, dining halls etc. for their convenience.

Also, considering the possibility of pilgrims to Sabarimala, desiring to halt at the temple, on the way, there would be need to provide enough restrooms and allied conveniences.

The trust also plans to build an Auditorium for regular religious discourses, cultural events and marriages.

As per the financial situation the expansion of infrastructure will become a reality.

Devotees may fund the day-to-day expenses of the temple and its future development plans by sponsoring a Udayastamana Pooja (Sunrise to Sunset Pooja) on Birthdays, Marriage Anniversary or any other important day.

Annadhanam i.e. providing food for the poor and temple visitors can also be done over and above the pooja.

Udayastamana Pooja Rate: Rs. 3000/- per day per person

Any one desirous of sponsoring these can send us the funds online (Our Bank Details) and pooja details via Whatsapp to +91 9207015125 or by email to kanakadharaa@gmail.com

Please include the following in the pooja details –

Date of Pooja:




Postal Address:

Fund Transfer Details:

Pooja Prasadam will be sent to the address.